I pln to take BECTOR FOOD 10 shares what is your opinion

Asked by kiri.rathod
Published on 31 Mar 2021 11:54:01 AM

Replied on 31 Mar 2021 23:09:11 PM

BECTOR FOOD trend is down now. Better to go long once it closed above @?350.

Sir i hve bought patel integreted logistics shares @33, 500 shares I'm in huge, what should I do please suggest

Asked by Amitmili
Published on 30 Mar 2021 10:51:29 AM

Replied on 31 Mar 2021 23:08:59 PM

PATEL Integrated Logistics Long and Short term trends are down. Wait for price to come at your buying levels. Can turn from ?10 area.

Mstc par view chahiye me 2se 3 year hold kar sakta hu

Asked by 556678
Published on 27 Mar 2021 22:47:30 PM

Replied on 29 Mar 2021 20:27:56 PM

MSTC long and short both term trends are up .  Yes can go up in next 2_3 years period.   Better to hold with stop loss using some technical indicators like Moving averages , RSI, so can earn good profit and not to give back your profit if it turned opposite.

Good morning, my question is Bank Nifty will close upto 33500?

Asked by MRB_2013
Published on 24 Mar 2021 11:42:58 AM

Replied on 29 Mar 2021 20:27:27 PM

BANK NIFTY Short term  trend is down. Not bullish unless close above @34000. Nearby support is @33000_32400_32000.

Nationalum/Apolotyre/Gail Shares- When the all 3 will be risen in Mar-2021?

Asked by kiranjain
Published on 18 Mar 2021 14:07:39 PM

Replied on 19 Mar 2021 10:16:09 AM

1_ NATIONALUM has strong support @50 area. And closing above @60 area will go more upside.

2_ APOLLO TYRE has strong support @200 area. Closing above @245 area will go more upside. 

 3_ GAIL has strong support @125 area. And closing above @145 area will go more upside.

I have 10000 rs for investment and I want to trade in index options only would you guide me for that

Asked by @raja
Published on 17 Mar 2021 08:50:46 AM

Replied on 19 Mar 2021 10:09:10 AM

Trading in options is very risky bat. Needed in depth knowledge and very quick decision power. Can contact me via WhatsApp for further guidance. Thanks

I started March with Rs. 10,000/- for intraday trading with a hope of making some profits. I am a student and even Rs. 10,000/- matters a lot to me. Due to some mis-calculations and emotional decisions, I have already lost Rs. 5000/- from it. Now I am in great stress of how to atleast secure the 10,000 I started with. I want some help from InvestmentGuruIndia for which I'll be grateful to you forever.

Asked by Soumyadip Mohanty
Published on 13 Mar 2021 14:20:42 PM

Replied on 13 Mar 2021 22:04:13 PM

Trading must be done with at least basic knowledge. And intraday is very risky. Better to do with proper risk management. Can contact me if wanted training knowledge.

I. Have jain irrigation share in 100 rs per share what to do

Asked by
Published on 09 Mar 2021 22:58:18 PM

Replied on 13 Mar 2021 22:04:38 PM

JAIN IRRIGATION Long term trend is down and Short term trend is turning up. So hold it for your buying level. It's accumulation is going on.

Sir, I bought GRASIM at 1198. now it is 1344. should i sell it or hold on ? Now it is selling at 1344. Shall i sell it or hold it? What is its long term prospect?

Asked by dp8865
Published on 08 Mar 2021 20:10:54 PM

Replied on 09 Mar 2021 16:10:01 PM

GRASIM long and short both term trends are up. It can go till 1500 in short term period of 7_10 days. Can hold with tight stop loss@1298.

sir can i sell YES BANK all shares which i purchased today

Published on 03 Mar 2021 13:26:56 PM

Replied on 04 Mar 2021 23:21:54 PM

YES BANK long and short term treands are down. It's not trading stock for intraday. Can hold with strict stop loss below @14. Can be bullish once it will close above @20.