Published on 16/09/2019 5:41 | Source: ANI

VP Naidu expresses need of well informed & well-intentioned legislators

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New Delhi

Speaking after launching the book 'Rethinking Good Governance', authored by former Comptroller Auditor General (CAG), Vinod Rai, Naidu also called for the expansion of Supreme Court and the establishment of more benches in different parts of the country. Naidu said, "We need legislators who are well informed and well-intentioned and capable of articulating a well-presented viewpoint, not those who are eager to rush to the well of the House.”  The Vice President asked political parties to adopt a code of conduct for their legislators and contribute to policymaking through informed decisions. He also asked the political parties to carefully choose candidates based upon their capacity, calibre, and good conduct and said that they must rise above the narrow considerations of caste and religion that seek to divide the society.