Published on 5/12/2022 5:21:14 PM | Source: ANI

Type 2 diabetes risk is associated with sleep problems: Study

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University of South Australia researchers are reminding people to prioritize a good night's sleep as new research shows that troubled sleep may be associated with risk factors for type 2 diabetes. In the first study of its kind, researchers found that people who reported trouble sleeping were on average more likely to have indicators of poor cardiometabolic health - inflammatory markers, cholesterol and body weight - which can contribute to type 2 diabetes. In Australia, almost one million adults have type 2 diabetes. Globally, type 2 diabetes affects more than 422 million people. The study assessed more than 1,000 Australian adults with a median age of 44.8 years. Researchers examined a range of sleep characteristics: self-report trouble sleeping, duration, timing, efficiency, and day-to-day sleep length variability.