Published on 1/09/2022 5:02:58 PM | Source: ANI

Study reveals importance of positive neighbour if teens don't develop mother-child bond

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 According to research from the University of Michigan, teens who live in communities with trustworthy and active people can still learn critical social skills that were not developed early in life. Previous studies have shown the importance of early mother-child bonding that contributes to teens having social skills, such as positive behaviours that optimize relationships with others, solid academic performance and self-management of emotions. But what happens when that connection isn't formed? Social cohesion -- or the trust and bonds among neighbours -- can benefit adolescents, researchers said. The study focused on social skills among 15-year-olds as a function of early attachment between mothers - also considered primary caregivers - and their 3-year-old kids, as well as neighbourhood social cohesion. To measure adolescent social skills, behaviour questions were asked of the 15-year-old participants. High scores in child attachment were positively correlated with increased adolescent social skills, the study showed.