Published on 11/08/2022 3:24:13 P | Source: ANI

Study finds education with goal-oriented activities encourages students to opt fruits and vegetables

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New Delhi: Consuming fast food and meals away from home is linked to an increase in adult obesity; this unhealthy eating habit is frequently formed during the crucial period of early adulthood. According to a study, weekly food challenges and cooking demonstration videos helped college students feel more confident about making healthy food choices and consume more fruits and vegetables. The findings of the research were published in the ‘Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior’. College students comprise a large portion of the young adult population, and national data suggests that college students' diets are high in overall fat intake and inadequate in key food groups such as low-fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, and deep yellow and green vegetables. Traditional college nutrition programs tend to focus on knowledge acquisition and nutrition assessment skills. Studies found that traditional nutrition classes increased nutrition knowledge but did not change dietary behaviour. Research shows that knowledge and nutrition assessment skills should be supplemented with behavioural self-efficacy to prompt lifestyle changes.