Published on 4/07/2022 4:18:42 PM | Source: ANI

Study explains scar less skin grafting using mussel adhesive protein

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A research team from the Department of Chemical Engineering at POSTECH, led by Professor Hyung Joon Cha, Woo Hyung Park, and PhD candidate Jae Yun Lee, has developed a bio adhesive for skin grafting that contains two different kinds of drugs in cooperation with Dr. Hyo Jeong Kim of the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology. The research's findings were disseminated in the journal Chemical Engineering Journal. By adding allantoin and epidermal growth factor to a mussel adhesive protein coacervate, the study team created the bio adhesive. The two medications are released one at a time after the bio adhesive is applied, based on the stage of the wound healing process, and they renew the skin.