Published on 24/02/2021 12:55:37 | Source: ANI

Sachin Tendulkar to share his experience online for first time

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Mumbai,For the first time in his career, the former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar will share his experience and teach the nitty-gritties of cricket online.  The session will be available on Unacademy for free of cost. Sachin said, “Frequently I’ll be doing free sessions at Unacademy and anybody can join that. The whole idea is about sharing my experience. I have physically interacted with lots of children but digital interaction is going to be for the first time and it’s free to anyone and everyone. The whole idea was to not to restrict it to a few hundreds. This will reach to millions. And, that’s our goal that everyone should have that access and be able to ask questions to me.” On being asked about difference between playing on ground and teaching it online, Tendulkar said, “There is a slight difference. I won’t have a cricket bat this time. But life is about experiences and I have always been a team person and in team sport you learn lots of things including celebrating someone else’s success, etc. It is all about team work and that is what I would share with them.”