Published on 8/09/2022 4:51:14 PM | Source: ANI

Researchers find DNA linked with physically active lifestyle

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Researchers from Uppsala University identified DNA regions connected with physical activity or leisure screen usage in a big worldwide investigation. The findings show the benefits of physical activity for health and imply that a more sedentary lifestyle might be explained by how muscles adapt to exercise.
The findings of the study were published in the journal Nature Genetics. It is well established that a physically active lifestyle and less time spent sitting are associated with better health. However, trends over time suggest that people in higher income countries are becoming increasingly less active. It is also known from twin and family studies that genetic factors influence physical activity levels, but the biological basis for why some people are more physically active than others remains poorly understood.

To improve our understanding of mechanisms that influence physical activity and its role in disease prevention, researchers from Uppsala University, together with researchers from around the world, combined genetic data from over 700,000 individuals participating in 51 research studies. In doing so, they identified 99 DNA regions that are associated with how much time people report spending on moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity or watching a screen during their leisure time.