Published on 25/03/2020 1:30 | Source: ANI

Researchers discover new drug to ease medication side effects against severe depression

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New Delhi :

 A new substance has been discovered by a team of researchers that could ease the serious side effects of the medication or the drugs taken by patients for treating severe depression. The severe form of depression can be treated with the drug 'tricyclic antidepressants', an antidepressant drug which are more effective in comparison to those used for mild and moderate depression. But along with the positive outcome in fighting severe depression, the drug comes with a downfall of having serious side effects. The side effects of the drugs can be at times so serious that people diagnosed with depression no longer prefer to take the drugs, hence leading to no treatment for the condition. Serotonin is a so-called neurotransmitter, a chemical substance found in the brain. In a person with severe depression, the level of serotonin is very low. Antidepressant drugs make adjustments to get a higher level of active serotonin. The side effects can be anything from life-threatening heart problems to severely dry mouth, visual disorders, development of mania, weight problems and digestive challenges. The substance discovered by the researchers binds to another site on SERT: the 'allosteric site'. When a substance binds to the allosteric site rather than the same site as serotonin, it is possible to regulate the function of the serotonin transporter instead of completely blocking it.