Published on 23/09/2022 3:26:26 P | Source: ANI

Researchers discover harmful level of PFAS in school uniforms

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According to a study, schoolchildren in the United States and Canada are exposed to potentially hazardous levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) through their uniforms on a daily basis. The researchers discovered PFAS in all nine popular brands of "stain-resistant" school uniforms they tested. The majority of the products had concentrations comparable to those found in outdoor clothing. The findings of the peer-reviewed study published in Environmental Science & Technology. PFAS in treated uniforms may end up in children through skin absorption as well as from eating with unwashed hands, hand-to-mouth behaviors and mouthing of clothing by younger children. The fluorotelomer alcohols, which were the primary type of PFAS found in the uniforms, also pose an inhalation risk. Further, PFAS-treated uniforms are a source of PFAS contamination in the environment when they are worn, laundered, and discarded or recycled.