Published on 17/08/2022 2:45:09 P | Source: ANI

Research: Male spiders counter female cannibalism by maximising sperm transfer

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New Delhi: Male spiders have evolved behavioural mating strategies to improve their chances of mating despite the risk of being cannibalised by their mates. Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered that male spiders make choices on maximising their mating success when they are at risk of being cannibalised by their female mates. They published their findings in Communications Biology. Led by Associate Professor Li Daiqin from the NUS Department of Biological Sciences, the researchers found that a male chooses one of its paired sexual organs with more sperm for the first copulation with a cannibalistic female. The theory of the male mating syndrome posits that male spiders are under sexual conflict pressure in sexually cannibalistic situations, as they may only have a single chance to mate. In this study, the researchers explored whether male spiders use additional cannibalism countering strategies by focusing on two male mating tactics.s