Published on 23/04/2021 3:45:44 P | Source: ANI

Older adults may have a sound sleep by listening to music: Study

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New Delhi, : If you're having trouble sleeping, listening to music can be a safe, effective, and easy way to help you fall and stay asleep, suggest the findings of a new study. The study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society has found that listening to music can help older adults sleep better. Researchers from the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Taiwan combined the results of past studies to understand the effect that listening to music can have on the quality of older adults' sleep. Their work suggests that: Older adults (ages 60 and up) living at home sleep better when they listen to music for 30 minutes to one hour at bedtime. Calm music improves older adults' sleep quality better than rhythmic music does. Older adults should listen to music for more than four weeks to see the most benefit from listening to music. Researchers also learned that listening to music for longer than four weeks is better at improving sleep quality than listening to music for a shorter length of time.