Published on 1/07/2022 5:30:05 PM | Source: ANI

Norway welcomes India`s single-use plastic ban, praises PM Modi for taking `important step`

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Norwegian Embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission Martine Aamdal Bottheim on July 01 welcomed the Centre's decision of banning single-use plastic in India and congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the ‘important step’. “I would like to congratulate India and PM Modi for this important step of banning single-use plastic items. This will reduce amount of plastic that ends up in nature. It will also reduce amount of plastic that needs to be collected and recycled. The UN Secretary-General warned this week, that if nothing happens, we will have more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. It is a global problem. So it is important for the world that India also succeeds,” she said. “We, at the embassy, are eliminating single-use plastic items, including some that aren’t on the list in India, like plastic bottles. Norway already abolished plastic items last year. Yesterday we had a workshop with Indian and regional municipalities on plastic waste management,” he added.