Published on 14/11/2022 2:34:55 P | Source: ANI

Nissan Stadium in Yokohama attracts visitors

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?Yokohama (Japan), Nov 13 (ANI): Yokohama Nissan Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium with a 72,000-seat capacity. Not only sports but also music concerts and other events are also organised in this stadium. Since the Edo Shogunate reigned, Yokohama has served as a gateway to the western world. The city has a long history of sports. It was the Edo period in 1866, when Samurais walked the streets with swords in their hands. The Rugby Club was also established, with the first Japanese soccer game being held in 1888. After the construction of the Yokohama International Stadium in 1998, sports in the Japanese city received a further push. Later, the FIFA World Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and the Tokyo Olympic Games were held there in 2002, 2019, and 2020, respectively. To hold big world sporting events, its lawn is kept in top condition. Its shock-absorbing function helps to keep athletes safe, and its well-groomed flat surfaces ensure exciting play. Three big world sports events are preserved as delightful and exciting memories for Yokohama citizens. The stadium, a well-known Yokohama attraction, engraves a delightful sports history. It is visited not just by Japanese citizens but foreigners as well.