Published on 23/12/2022 3:39:45 P | Source: ANI

Moscow hosts `Breaking Down Barriers` International Film Festival

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Moscow (Russia), Dec 22, (ANI/TV BRICS): For 20 years now, the "Breaking down barriers" international film festival has been highlighting the lives of people with disabilities. Brazil, Iran, Argentina, Russia- over 1000 films from 70 countries were on the show. The nominations, like the whole project, are unrestricted: animated, documentary and feature films, short and full-length, different genres, but equally interesting and touching pictures about love, friendship, hope and conquest. The documentary short film "The artist and the power of thought", by Brazilian director Elder Fraga, is about a dancer diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Marcus Abranches. The film won the "best life-affirming film" award at the festival. The Russian animated film "Andryusha's diary" is about children with Down syndrome. The "Breaking Down Barriers" international film festival is all about discussions, workshops and entertainment programmes for children. But most importantly - it's a film, which unites, gives hope and makes you think.