Published on 17/10/2021 11:18:35 | Source: ANI

Moscow: COVID-19 Vaccination Centre opened at Red Square mall

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Moscow : A Coronavirus vaccination centre has started here at Red Square mall in Moscow. As per COVID-19 vaccination process, the patients have to fill a form with an address and chronic illness.  Post the vaccination process; the visitors are advised to consult with the doctor. She is Lyudmila Shulga, who is having an appointment for vaccination. She had her first vaccination around 6 months ago. Today, she came for a re-vaccination. There are over 30 spaces for vaccination in the centre’s main hall.  COVID-19 infections in Russia are at their peak — the highest daily average reported — now around 30 thousand new infections reported each day. Russia has administered at least 95.34 million doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses that are enough to have vaccinated about 33 percent of the country’s population.