Published on 25/09/2022 12:40:08 | Source: ANI

LG announces new high-end Ultra PC lineup with motion tracking

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South Korean multinational conglomerate LG has announced two new laptop models that carry a similar portable big-screen vibe, like the company's light Gram line, though the new launches are heavier. According to The Verge, the new models, named Ultra PC 17 and Ultra PC 16, have been launched at starting prices of USD 1,599 and USD 999, respectively. These new models come with Glance by Mirametrix, a software that's becoming more common to see on higher-end laptops. The program leverages a device's webcam to track a user's position. This gives the laptop ability to automatically lock the screen when a user steps away. It can also blur the screen if it perceives that someone is peering over your shoulder.