Published on 28/06/2019 2:45 | Source: ANI

Japanese electric company organises training of optical fiber in Thailand

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Bangkok (Thailand):

Thailand is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. The country is working hard to drive digital transformation and utilize innovation to become a cutting-edge economic powerhouse. One of the most important pillars to achieve is high-speed internet infrastructure using optical fiber cables. In Bangkok, Japanese Furukawa Electric Company is holding free and open workshop to teach local technicians the latest technologies in the optical fiber industry and offer hands-on experience on how to install these high-quality optical fiber cables. Since the demand for high speed technology and big data have been increasing day-by-day, technological innovations also have developed, such as copper to fiber, 5G, etc. Optical fiber is a medium for transmitting optical signals. In addition to excellent transmission characteristics it also comes with the attributes of thinness and lightness. Many of the participants appreciate Furukawa’s effort to transmit their experiences in this field that extends for over 20 years. Local human resources training by Japanese company combined with the state–of-the-art technology are contributing to the development of Thailand's communication infrastructure.