Published on 11/07/2019 2:45 | Source: ANI

Is herbal supplement, Kratom, safe to treat addiction and pain

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New Delhi

A popular herb called Kratom which is increasingly used to treat opioid addiction and pain is not safe, suggests a recent study. Kratom is a herbal supplement derived from a plant that grows throughout southeast Asia. It is well-reported that the active chemicals in the plant act on opioid receptors in the body. William Eggleston, clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Binghamton University and his team conducted a retrospective review of kratom exposures reported to the National Poison Data System to determine the toxicities associated with kratom use. They also reviewed records from a County Medical Examiner's Office in New York State to identify kratom associated fatalities. The findings suggest kratom is not reasonably safe and poses a public health threat due to its availability as a herbal supplement.