Published on 12/04/2020 10:0 | Source: ANI

Immunotherapy treatment after chemotherapy significantly slows metastatic bladder cancer: Study

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New Delhi :

The results of a clinical trial show using immunotherapy immediately after chemotherapy treatment in patients with metastatic bladder cancer significantly slowed the progression of cancer. The study is the first to show that this approach to therapy, called switch maintenance immunotherapy, significantly slows the worsening of a type of bladder cancer called urothelial cancer. The randomised Phase 2 trial tested this treatment in 108 patients. The trial tested immunotherapy known as pembrolizumab after patients were treated with platinum-based chemotherapy in one group of patients and used a placebo after the same type of chemotherapy in a second group. The time until cancer progressed was approximately 60 per cent longer for the pembrolizumab group compared with the control group.