Published on 6/08/2019 10:42 | Source: ANI

Frailty is a medical condition in itself: Study

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New Delhi

People do associate frailty with ageing but according to a new study, it is a medical condition and is not merely related to turning old. The study was published in the journal ‘JAMA Network Open’ and revealed that, in adults over 60s, chances of developing frailty were just 4.3 per cent. And, the findings also added that women were more likely than men to develop frailty. According to the researchers, frailty deals with three out of these five following conditions: low physical activity, weak grip strength, low energy, slow walking speed, non-deliberate weight loss. Frailty is associated with a lower quality of life and a higher risk of death, hospitalization and institutionalization. The condition tends to occur more among older adults but even young people can be frail if they have one or more disabling chronic diseases.