Published on 7/12/2019 2:18: | Source: ANI

Exercising key to increase oxygen in the brain: Study

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New Delhi

Researchers have come up with a study focusing on the only way to get more oxygen to the brain which is to get more blood to the brain by increasing blood flow. The researchers were interested in seeing how brain oxygen levels were affected by natural behaviours, specifically exercise. Researchers have revealed a truth applicable to all mammals that states: On contrary to accepted knowledge, blood can bring more oxygen to mice brains when they exercise because of the increased respiration packs more oxygen into the haemoglobin. The researchers reported the study in the Journal of Nature Communications. The only way that could happen would be if exercise was causing the blood to carry more oxygen, he explained, which would mean that the blood was not normally completely saturated with oxygen. They conclude that "respiration provides a dynamic pathway for modulating cerebral oxygenation.