Published on 19/07/2019 2:36 | Source: ANI

Don`t show grief on Twitter, donate: Akshay Kumar on Assam floods

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During the press conference of ‘Mission Mangal’ trailer launch in Mumbai Akshay Kumar was asked about bringing change whenever a tragedy hits as he is always ahead to donate and this time he has donated over Rs 1 Crore to victims of Assam floods. Assam flood has occurred due to the heavy rainfall and increase in the water level in Brahmaputra River. His first reaction towards the question was “ma’am I have lot of money” and then he said “I saw a photo in social media of a lady carrying her child and was crossing throw the river. And I considered that we are lucky that we are not in that situation.” “I don’t want to be the person who only tweets showing my grief for the people in the Assam, donate even if it’s a penny or if it’s about crores,” he further added. And he ended with saying “I request don’t tweet to show your grief but react to it and do something to it.” The whole cast of ‘Mangal Mission’ was present in the press conference. The movie will show 17 scientists and engineers collaborating on India's Mars' mission. The movie will hit on the theaters on August 15, this year.