Published on 6/04/2019 9:49: | Source: ANI

Boeing working hard to make 737 MAX aircraft safe: FAA representative

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New Delhi

As the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft continue to be grounded in numerous countries after the devastating Ethiopian Airlines and the Lion Air crashes, US Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) South Asia representative Thomson M Miller on Wednesday said that US-based aviation giant Boeing is working very hard on to ensure the aircraft is safe. Miller said, “India has passed its audit and matched the minimum standards for international aviation safety. We consider the India civil aviation system to be safe and well looked after meeting the minimum standards. The aviation authorities here are thriving to go beyond minimum standards. Speaking about the recent two crashes, Miller said, “Any accident in aviation is tragic, it’s a terrible event. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Boeing are very engaged in that. We make decisions based on data, and investigations are going on for both the accidents. Boeing is working very hard to ensure the aircraft is safe, the FAA will take that up. FAA will try that the aircraft goes in the air as soon as possible.”