Published on 18/04/2019 12:2 | Source: ANI

Blaze under control at Notre Dame Cathedral

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Paris (France)

Roaring blaze burst quickly through the roof of the centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral in France capital Paris. The fire was so intense that it quickly engulfed the spire followed by the entire roof. It took around 400 firefighters to douse the flames, indicating the magnitude of fire. Because of the centuries-old wooden roof beams, stone exterior of Gothic architecture made it difficult for the firefighters to douse the massive fire. The spire and most of the roof of the centuries-old cathedral have been destroyed, but the two bell towers and the main edifice were saved. French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged that the country will rebuild the iconic structure. The Notre-Dame is both a religious and tourist place, attracting around 13 million visitors every year.