Published on 3/07/2019 1:12: | Source: ANI

Alcohol not only harms drinkers but others as well

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New Delhi

Alcohol consumption not only affects the person who takes it but causes significant harm to other people as well, finds a study.  The study was published in the ‘Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs’. “The freedom to drink alcohol must be counter-balanced by the freedom from being afflicted by others drinking in ways manifested by homicide, alcohol- related sexual assault, car crashes, domestic abuse, lost household wages, and child neglect,” wrote Timothy Naimi, Boston Medical Center. These harms could be threats or harassment, ruined property or vandalism, physical aggression were more likely to be reported by men. There is considerable risk for women in the household and for men from outside their family. Additional factors, including age and the person’s own drinking, were also important. People younger than age 25 had a higher risk of experiencing harm from someone else are drinking. Further, almost half of men and women who themselves were heavy drinkers said they had been harmed by someone else’s drinking.