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>>Increased purchasing power for aam janta to drive consumption, says EY

>>It could not have been any better Budget given the circumstances - Sunil Singhania

>>It is the best budget, no new proposals - Raamdeo Agrawal, MOFSL

>>Union Budget 2017-18: Centre raises CLSS loan tenure to 20 years

>>Govt proposes to make changes in capital gains tax for housing

>>Budget 2017: Infra gets Rs 3.96 lakh cr; increase of 79% from FY17 estimate

>>Union Budget 2017-18: Political funding limit set at Rs 2000; checks, e-payments only

>>Greater accountability on tax officers for errors of commission & omission, says FM

>>Maximum donation a political party can receive in cash is Rs 2,000 from any one source

>>Government to unveil scheme for leather and footwear sector

>>A single one-page form for filing IT returns for taxable income up to Rs 5 lakh

>>5% TDS On insurance agents removed

>>Govt will amend the Multi-state Cooperative Act to protect the poor and gullible investors

>>Not proposing many changes to indirect taxes given GST roll-out plan, says FM

>>Substantial progress in ushering in GST regime, sys FM

>>GST council has finalised recommendations on all issues based on consensus, says FM

>>CBEC will continue to strive to implement GST, says FM

>>Govt reduces existing tax rate for personal income of Rs 2.5-5 lakh to 5% from 10%

>>Govt reduces existing tax rate for personal income of Rs 2.5-5 lakh to 5% from 10%

>>To levy surcharge of 10% on income between Rs 50 lakh-1 crore, says FM

>>Tax foregone from deduction in tax rate at Rs 15,500 cr, says FM

>>Reduce existing tax rate for income of Rs 2.5-5 lakhs to 5% from 10%, says FM

>>50% saving in income tax if 1 person is earning up to Rs 5 lakh, says FM

>>Reduce existing tax rate for income of Rs 2.5-5 lakhs to 5% from 10%, says FM

>>CBDT circular becomes null & void for FPIs, says FM

>>For quick refund of tax returns time-frame reduced to 12 months, says FM

>>Govt trying to bring more people into tax net, says FM

>>Govt proposes to invest Rs 1.31 lakh cr in railways in 2017-18

>>To exempt some FPIs from indirect transfer provisions, says FM

>>Budget 2017: Government will allocate Rs10,000 crore for Bharat Net project

>>Maximum cash donation receivable by political party from one source at Rs 2,000, says FM

>>Political parties will need to file income tax returns, says FM

>>Propose to amend RBI Act for issue of electoral bonds for political funding, says FM

>>Maximum cash donation receivable by political party from one source at Rs 2,000, says FM

>>Propose transparency in political party funding, says FM

>>Exempt CVD, SAD on miniature POS & m-POS machines, says FM

>>No transaction over Rs 3 lakh will be permitted in cash, says FM

>>Propose to reduce tax for small cos with turnover of < Rs 50 cr to 25%, says FM

>>No transaction over Rs 3 lakh will be permitted in cash, says FM

>>To cut presumptive turnover threshold for companies w/turnover up to Rs 2 cr to 6%, says FM

>>To reduce corporate tax to 25% for companies with a turnover upto Rs 50 cr, says FM

>>Basic customs duty on LNG cut to 2.5% from 5%, says FM

>>Govt proposes carry-forward of MAT to 15 years from 10 years

>>Propose to reduce tax for small companies with turnover of less than Rs 50 cr to 25%, says FM

>>Profit linked-deductions for start-ups reduced to 3 years out of 7 years, says FM

>>Propose carry-forward of MAT to 15 years from 10 years, says FM

>>There is an urgent need to protect the poor from chit fund schemes, draft bill placed in public domain

>>FIPB will be abolished

>>Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme to be launched in 2017-18; total allocation for infra at record Rs 3.96 lakh crore

>>Second phase of solar power development to be taken up with an aim of generating 20,000 MW

>>Holding period for land & building will be reduced to 2 yrs from 3 yrs, says FM

>>Propose to make changes in capital gains tax for housing, says FM

>>Instead of build-up area, carpet area will be counted for affordable housing, says FM

>>Dispute resolution in infrastructure projects in PPP mode will be institutionalised

>>Allocation of Rs 10,000 crore for Bharat Net project for providing high-speed broadband in FY18

>>Service charges withdrawal on e-Ticket to boost govt's digitisation endeavour

>>Thrust of tax proposals will be to stimulate growth, says FM

>>Net tax revenue growth at 17% for last 2 years, says FM

>>Post demonetisation deposits between Rs 2-80 lakh made in 1.09 crore accounts, says FM

>>Resolution of financial firms amendments to help banking sector

>>No of people showing income above Rs 50lk annually is only 1.72 lk people, says FM

>>Budget 2017: Arun Jaitley lines up Rs 91,000 crore for roads and highways

>>Govt to set up dairy processing fund

>>India largely a tax non-compliant society, says FM

>>Focus on solar continues as 7000 stations to be solar powered

>>FM pushes for setting up of separate Response Team for Cyber attacks on the financial sector

>>Rs 1 lakh cr corpus for railway safety fund over five years

>>A scheme for senior citizens to ensure 8 per cent guaranteed returns

>>Total expenditure of Budget 2017-18 has been placed at Rs 21.47 lakh crore

>>Govt raises allocation for MNREGA from Rs 38500 cr in FY17 to Rs 48000 cr in FY18, says FM

>>Rev deficit at 2.1%, says FM

>>Tax-to-GDP ratio very low in India, says FM

>>Net borrowing limited to Rs 3.48 lk cr, says FM

>>Govt allocated Rs 3.96 lakh cr for infrastructure, announces a new trade infrastructure export scheme, says FM

>>Govt doubles lending target of banks to Rs 2.44 lakh cr

>>Peg FY19 fiscal deficit at 3%, says FM

>>Peg fiscal deficit for 2017-18 at 3.2%, says FM

>>Transport sector allocated Rs 2.41 lakh cr, says FM

>>FRBM Review Committee recommends debt to GDP ratio of 60% by 2023, says FM

>>New Metro Rail Policy to be announced; will open up new job possibilities

>>Total resources to be transferred to states & UTs estimated at Rs 4.11 Lk Cr, says FM

>>Defence expenditure excluding pension at Rs 2.74 lakh cr, says FM

>>To rationalise number of tribunals, says FM

>>New Metro Rail Policy to be announced; will open up new job possibilities

>>Allocation of capital expenditure up 25% YoY, says FM

>>Web-based pension distribution system for defence to be established, says FM

>>Considering new law to confiscate assets of economic offenders, says FM

>>Govt targetting Rs 2,500 cr digital transactions across platforms like UPI

>>Budget 2017: Focus on welfare, infra with fiscal prudence, says Jaitley

>>Govt to take steps to promote digital payments at petrol pumps, hospitals

>>Amend Negotiable Instruments Act to protect payees of dishonoured cheques, says FM

>>Propose to create a payment regulatory board at RBI, says FM

>>Union Budget 2017-18: J Kumar Infra up 5% on 25 stations redevelopment plan

>>Panel on digital payment recommended reform in digital pay systems, says FM

>>To take steps to promote digital payments at petrol pumps & hospitals, says FM

>>Propose aim of Rs 2.44 lakh cr under Mudra scheme, says FM

>>AadhaarPay will be launched shortly, says FM

>>Govt will launch 2 new schemes to promote BHIM App, says FM

>>Targeting 2,500 crore digital transactions across platforms like UPI, says FM

>>Propose revised mechanism for time-bound listing of PSUs, says FM

>>Double lending target of banks to Rs 2.44 lakh crore, says FM

>>Shift to digital platforms will benefit the common man, says FM

>>Will continue use of ETFs for divestment, says FM

>>Expert panel to help integrate spot & derivative commodity market, says FM

>>Rs 10,000 cr allocated for recapitalisation of PSU banks, says FM

>>IRCTC, IRCON & IRFC to be listed on stock exchanges, says FM

>>Re-financing of housing loans to give impetus to real estate sector

>>Recent spectrum auctions have removed spectrum scarcity, says FM

>>Govt to take up second phase of solar power development for additional 20,000 MW

>>Under Bharat Net, Optic fibre cable has been laid out In 1,55,000 km, says FM

>>Proposals for electronics manufacturing received in last 2 yrs for Rs 1.26 lakh crore, says FM

>>5 special tourism zones to be set up in partnership with states

>>New FDI policy under consideration, says FM

>>Govt hiked allocation for women skill development to Rs 1.84 lakh cr in FY18, says FM

>>2000 km of coastal roads have been identified for development, says FM

>>Bharat Net allocation at Rs 10,000 crore, says FM

>>Set-up new crude oil reserves, says FM

>>Transport sector allocated Rs 2.41 lakh cr, says FM

>>To take up second phase of solar power development for additional 20,000 mw, says FM

>>AAI Act to be amended to enable monetisation of land, says FM

>>National Highway allocation at Rs 64,000 crore, says FM

>>Cash less reservation have improved to 68% from 58%, says FM

We propose to provide safe drinking water to 28,000 arsenic and fluoride affected habitations - FM Jaitley

>>Our focus is on Swacchh Railways: Arun Jaitley

>>35% increase in funds allocated for development for people belonging to SC

>>All coaches of Indian Railways will have biotiolets by 2018

>>Unmanned level crossing in railways will be eliminated by 2020, says FM

>>Govt proposes to finish 1 cr houses by 2019 for those living in kachcha houses

>>Govt committed to double farmer income in five years

>>Atleast 25 stations re-development contracts will be awarded in 2017-18, says FM

>>Centre to fund 55k cr out of 1.31 lk cr railway infra budget, says FM

>>Long-term irrigation fund set up in NABARD, additional corpus Rs 20,000 cr

>>Govt raises allocation for MNREGA from Rs 38500 cr in FY17 to Rs 48000 cr in FY18

>>Rail Sanraksha Fund will be created with corpus of 1lac crore for rail safety, says FM

>>Govt to achieve 100% rural electrification by May 1, 2018

>>Jharkhand and Gujarat to get AIIMS

>>Govt plans to increase additional 5,000 post graduate seats per annum

>>Fifth component of TEC India is Infrastructure

>>Total allocation to all women and children's related schemes to rise from Rs 1.56 lakh crore to Rs 1.84 lakh crores

>>Rs 5,000 crore Micro-Irrigation Fund to be set up by NABARD

>>Total allocation to all women and children's related schemes to rise from Rs 1.56 lakh crore to Rs 1.84 lakh crores

Mahila Shakti Kendra at village level for rural women empowerment to be initiated this financial year

>>Double digit inflation has been controlled; sluggish growth replaced by high growth; war on blackmoney launched

>>1 crore houses to be lifted from poverty : FM Jaitley

>>CAD declined from 1 pc last year to 0.3 pc in first half of current fiscal

>>Propose to leverage ICT with the launch of "Swayam" platform which has 350 free courses

>>Effects of demonetisation not expected to spill over to the next year : FM JAITLEY

>>Demonetisation will help in transfer of resources from tax evaders to government

>>Four state-run general insurance companies are in for a bumper revenue growth next year as the Fasal Bima Yojna allocation is raised to Rs 13,240 crore next fiscal, from Rs 5,500 crore now

>>ODF villages given priority for piped drinking water

>>Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna roads work accelerated to 133 km roads per day in 2016-17 as against 73 km per day during 2011-14

>>Dairy processing infrastructure fund to be set up under NABARD, with fund of Rs 8,000 crore

>> Assistance of upto Rs 75 lakh for cleaning and packaging of farmer produce

>>India's macroeconomic stability continues to the foundation of our economic success

>>50,000 gram panchayats to be made poverty free by 2019

>>The government will set up mini labs to cater to the needs of farmers. Additional 100 mini-labs will be set up by entrepreneurs. - Arun Jaitley

>>Fasal Bima Yojana Coverage Will Be Increased To 40%

>>Rs 10 lakh crores as credit to farmers

>>We are committed to double incomes of farmers in five years - Arun Jaitley

>>Fasal Bima Yojna: Scheme will be increased ferom 30 per cent to 40 per cent this year

Agriculture sector expected to grow 4.6%, agriculture expenditure targeted at Rs 10 lacs crores, focus are credit agri disbursements : FM

>> 10 themes:Farmers,Rural infra and employment,Youth jobs and skills,Poor strengthening security,Infrastructure,Financial sector,Digial economy,Public efficiency governance reforms,Fiscal discipline,Tax stability.

>>Agriculture expected to grow at 4.1% in the current year

>>My approach in preparing the Budget is to spend more on rural areas, infrastructure & poverty alleviation with fiscal prudence - Arun Jaitley

>>Government has continued with a steady path of fiscal consolidation: - FM Arun Jaitley

>>Total area sown under Rabi and Kharif season is more than last year - Arun Jaitley

>>Our agenda for 2017-18 is transform, energise and clean India, i.e tech India. - Arun Jaitley

>>Merger of the Railway Budget with the Union Budget is a historic approach - FM Jaitley

>>Budget contains three major reforms: Budget advanced for early start of fiscal expending; merging of Rail Budget to main Budget; Done away with paln and non-plan expenditure - FM Arun Jaitley

>>Merger of railway budget with Union Budget is a historic move - FM

>>My overall approach in this Budget has been to spend more in rural and infra sector but still maintain fiscal prudence - FM Arun Jaitley

>>Demonetisation seeks to create a GDP that is bigger, cleaner and real - Finance Minister

India has become the 6th largest manufacturing company - Arun Jaitley Demonetisation and GST will have an epoch making impact on our lives, says FM Arun Jaitley while presenting budget

ndia's Current Account Deficit decreased from about 1% of GDP last year to 0.3% of GDP in first half of 216-17 - FM Jaitley

Growth in a number of emerging economies is expected to recover in 2017 - Arun Jaitley

Demonetisation is a bold and decisive measure, for many decades tax evasion was a way of life for many - Arun Jaitley

We are moving from informal to formal economy & the Government is now seen as a trusted custodian of public money: Arun Jaitley

We have launched a massive war against BlackMoney - FM Jaitley

Monetary Policy stance by US Fed, a concern for emerging economies - Arun Jaitley

We have moved from a discretionary administration to a policy-based administration- Arun Jaitley

Our govt was elected amidst huge expectations of people, the underlying theme of expectations being good governance- FM Jaitley

Will take many more steps to ensure that growth reaches all:- Arun Jaitley

IMF estimates world GDP will grow by 3.4 per cent in 2017- Arun Jaitley

>>Sluggish growth has been replaced with high growth: Arun Jaitley

>>Government may not tinker with long term capital gains tax: Vijay Kedia, MD, Kedia Securities

>>FM Arun Jaitley rises to present Union Budget 2017

>>Best budget is, do not change anything, do no harm, implement well - Raamdeo Agrawal, MOFSL

>>Merging Rail with Union Budget great idea. Will help remove bad Railway policies - Lord Meghnad Desai

>>Short-term capital gains tax would be worrisome for markets- Ramesh Damani, Member, BSE

>>It is important that we formalise our informal economy - Amitabh Kant, Niti Aayog

>>Cabinet meeting concludes; Budget approved

>> Government should not overreact to demonetisation and sacrifice macro-economy stability - Sajjid Chinoy, Chief India Economist, JP Morgan

>> Budget will be presented today, formal announcement shortly: Sumitra Mahajan

>> There are two sectors where jobs can be created faster one is construction and affordable housing the second is textiles - Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak AMC

>> Can Move To A Simpler Tax Regime With Lower Exemptions - Naushad Forbes, CII

>> PM MODI reaches Parliament for Budget Session and Cabinet Meeting

>> If the tax compliance and tax loopholes are plucked we could be looking at 20% plus direct tax revenue growth - Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak AMC

>> Arun Jaitley Reaches Parliament, Cabinet Meeting in a short while.