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Stock Market Prediction 6th October 2015

*  The stock market may be highly volatile on 9th, 12th, 13th, 16th, 29th and 30th October- 2015.

*  Ganesha regularly and personally provides you stock

Stock Market Prediction 5th October 2015

* Friends, you should must decide upon a strategy, if you want to deal in the stock market today.

* Intraday traders should not become investors, and vice versa, a

Stock Market Prediction 1st October  2015

* Venus will be changing Signs from today. It will form a combination with Jupiter and Mars.

* Thus, from total 9 planets, 6 planets will be in conjunction in 2 Ho

Stock Market Prediction 30th September 2015

* Tomorrow is September expiry day. The stock market experts may misguide you towards taking the wrong position while dealing, today and tomorrow. Beware!

* The Mo

Stock Market Prediction 29th September 2015

* Here's an important exerpt from the Market Predictions 2015-16 that Ganesha wants to remind you of -

* In the book, to make matters simpler and easier for yo

Stock Market Prediction 28th September 2015

• “Ganesha here wishes to remind you of the predictions given in the Slot No. 8 and 9, mentioned in the 2015-16 stock markets predictions book.”


Stock Market Prediction 24th September 2015

*  Today, the Sun and Rahu are degreecally aligned together. This planetary combination may cause high volatility in the pharmaceutical, government-related, and power se

Positive for Media stocks  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com23rdday of Sept 2015 is represented by planet known as Mercury and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Mercury,Rahu

Stock Market Prediction 23rd September 2015

*  Friends, you should deal in the stock market today, only if you have the capacity to gamble and speculate, else try and avoid trading today.

*  Ganesh

Stock Market Prediction 22th September 2015

*   Today the Moon will be in Purvashadha constellation.

*   Today, from 9.15 to 9.55, Nifty may remain on the soft side.


Positive for sugar stocks  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com21st day of Sept 2015 is represented by planet known as Jupiter and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

Today Mercury,Rahu

Stock Market Prediction 21st September 2015

* Friends, there are only 4 trading days during this week, hence you should plan and deal accordingly.

* Trading will not take place on 25th, 26th and 27th Septemb

Stock Market Prediction 18th September 2015

*  The Sun-Rahu-Mercury combination gets formed from today onwards. This is not supposed to be auspicious, and may have negative effects of varying degrees, depending on

Stock Market Prediction 16th September 2015

*  We hope that you must be regularly chanting the Mantra sent to you via email, as this will help you earn better in the stock market.

*  The Federal Re

No big volume trading advised  - Astromoneyguru

As per Col Ajay CEO www.astromoneyguru.com15thdayof Sept 2015 is represented by planet known as Venus and year 2015 isrepresented by Saturn.

As per Ajay market the

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