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Stock Market Prediction 1st June 2016

* No major change is astrologically foreseen today.

* Deal only if you have the capacity to take delivery, else trading may be very risky today.

* Today

Stock Market Prediction 31st May 2016

* Liquidity in the market is foreseen, as the Moon will be in Pisces Sign today.

* The market will now strengthen gradually, hence you may prepare your position, a

Stock Market Prediction 30th May 2016

*  The Moon-Ketu conjunction may greatly confuse you and the market today.

*  Today from Opening to 9.40, Nifty may be unreliable.

*  Bet

Stock Market Prediction 27th May 2016

* Remain alert, as today is the last day for Dabba Trading, and the first day of the New Month for the stock market.

* Today, from Opening to 13.00, an absolutely

Stock Market Prediction 26th May 2016

* Today, positional traders shall reshuffle their position. Subsequently, you may face some difficulty. Hence, avoid taking a long position during the next 2 days.

Stock Market Prediction 25th May 2016

* The Moon will transit in Sagittarius Sign today.

* Deal only if you have the capacity to take delivery today, else you may become an investor while doing Intrada

Stock Market Prediction 24th May 2016

• You must especially trade carefully today and tomorrow, because the effects of today's zero weightage, may also prevail tomorrow.

• Today, the Moon

Stock Market Prediction 23rd May 2016

• Please refer the graph in the monthly file, and also read the predictions provided in advance, in our 2016-17 Stock Market Predictions Book.

• Read the

Stock Market Prediction 20th May 2016

* The Moon and Mercury will fully aspect each other today.

* Volatility in Bank stocks is still foreseen for the next 6 months, and thereafter, potential in Bank s

Stock Market Prediction 19th May 2016

* Bank stocks may experience pressure, as Mercury is currently Retrograde.

* Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, UCO Bank may witness pressure today.


Stock Market Prediction 18th May 2016

* High volatility in Nifty-50 and Large Cap Scrips of NSE is predicted by Ganesha, from 18-05-2016 to 27-05-2016.

* Nothing special is foreseen today. Thus do Intr

Stock Market Prediction 17th May 2016

* The Sun has changed Signs and moved into Taurus Sign. Hence, focus your attention on Pharmaceutical sector stocks, today.

* The Moon will be in Moon's Naksha

Stock Market Prediction 16th May 2016

* The Moon will be in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra/Constellation today.

* The Moon-Rahu-Jupiter combination may cause confusion, around the Opening time of the stock

Stock Market Prediction 13th May 2016

* Today, the opening shall be positive, but thereafter Nifty may immediately go down. Hence, trade after the market becomes steady.

* Avoid an immediate entry, on

Stock Market Prediction 12th May 2016

* Today, from opening to 11.00, just trade as per the trend, and avoid applying your ideas, because a very uneven pattern is foreseen by Ganesha.

* Between 11.00 t

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