Published on 5/01/2019 5:18: | Source: ANI

Parantha named after Deepika Padukone in Thali at Pune`s restaurant

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Pune (Maharashtra), Jan 05 :

From Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone to actor Sunny Deol all Thali’s are named after famous celebrities in Pune’s Aaoji Khaoji Restaurant. This restaurant in Pune has named its Thali’s after different celebrities of India.

Starting from Deepika Padukone to legendary actress Rekha Thali’s are available at Aaoji Khaoji Restaurant. Not only Bollywood celebrities but dishes are named after former cricketers including Kapil Dev etc. The other unique characteristic of this restaurant is that Thali’s are available here in bigger size that even 10 people can eat together in a single Thali.

In order to make desserts and sweet dishes more entertaining this restaurant has named them after cartoon serials like-Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry and even Chhota Bheem. While speaking to ANI owner of the restaurant Rajveer Singhania said, “The basic idea of naming Thali's after celebrities was to remind their great work for nation”.