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The New age Marketing Guru: An interview with Molly Kapoor

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Molly Kapoor, Head of Marketing of a leading Asset Management Company and one of the India’s leading Top Marketing Leader in a candid discussion with our editorial team and sharing her thoughts on multiple topics.


Q1. Mutual Fund is one of the highly regulated products, as marketing leader how do you manage to be innovative and creative and yet maintain the boundaries of the regulations?

Mutual fund regulation is very pro investors. As an organization, we are driven by our customer first philosophy. A lot of our solutions are customer oriented, and it is through our focus on the customer, and understanding their requirements that we continue to innovate, in terms of product, service, or delivery of experience. 


Q2. Interesting times, few years back Mutual funds were only sold through partner channels like banks & brokers how are you breaking this mindset and exploiting new platforms?

Given the low mutual fund penetration in India, the scope of growth is immense. The customer base is equally diverse, with multiple preferences for advice and purchase. New platforms allow for new ways for customers to transact and experience mutual funds. The market environment enables multiple channel options, and customers use a medium of their choice. With facilities like online rob advisory & transaction platforms, phone based transactions, mobile applications, ‘missed-call’ and instant redemption, our services bouquet and transaction applications not only deliver ease of experience, but also empower existing distribution channels serve their customers. 

Having said that, value of a sound, consistent guidance provided by a good advisor is difficult to replace, especially given the large growing opportunity for new customers who want to experience Mutual Funds.  


Q3. There is still large population in India where Mutual funds have still relatively low penetration and people prefer investing into Gold, Bank Deposits or some unregulated private schemes? Do you think there is problem in messaging? How do you deal with the same especially when the Internet connectivity is still not very high in these Tier II & III cities?

Awareness about mutual funds and SIP is on the rise. SIP numbers have been showing strong surge, with April 2017 numbers reaching never before high, & about 50% of new SIPs being registered from Tier II Tier III towns. This means, there is a growing effort from Mutual Funds to reach new segments. 

Yes, a preference for traditional instruments continues, but initiatives such as Digital India and Demonetization have triggered a behavioral change in how India saves, spends, and invests. It is heartening to note that Tier II and III cities have been driving growth of mutual fund AUMs. 

SEBI and AMFI collectively are also ensuring that the industry expands, through consistent, regulated awareness to broaden the category penetration. A collective approach towards creating awareness through AMFI is a very welcome decision, which is sure to increase retail participation. 

Q4. Our viewers would like to know that as a successful Business Leader what is your mantra for Success?  What is the key to be a successful leader?

A good business means good people behind it. Focus on people is important, be it your clients, partners, or employees. All create value in the value chain, hence are most important. 

Q6. What do you think are significant barriers to female leadership and how does one deal with them?

When women need to pause, they must pause, not Quit. For any personal responsibilities that is. Corporates have pro-women and family policies; which women must take advantage of. For e.g. Maternity Break, Second Careers, etc. These policies are not just for women, they benefit the whole family, hence men are an equal beneficiary, though indirectly. 


Q7. Any role models or leaders who have inspired you over the period of time?

‘Richard Branson’ for his sharp focus on filling in Demand by providing Great Solutions.

‘Óprah Winfrey’ for her determination & standing up against all odds to create a humungous platform